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Pressure Washers

Beautiful. Powerful. Portable. Our next-generation Power Pressure Washers are quieter than ever and built to last. Each pressure washer is equipped with a micro switch sensitive to water flow. This Total Stop System (TSS) senses water flow in the pump. When the trigger is released, water stops flowing through the pump. The TSS then automatically turns the motor off to protect the pump from overheating.

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Retractable Power Hose Reels

Our Power Hose Reels come with fully-retractable, slow-return systems, which support up to 500 maximum PSI - 50% more than any competitor’s maximum PSI in the market, allowing you to tackle a wide variety of projects. Our heavy-duty twist collar and top-quality brass fittings assign the product the best possible features in the whole market. The auto-retract hose keeps the excess hose out of your work space and locks the hose in place at different intervals. The mounting brackets allow for a 180-degree swivel (mounting hardware included), so you can affix it to your wall or ceiling. Every hose reel is made with a 3 layer-hybrid material for unbeatable product durability.

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Rectractable Hose
Power Jet New Package

Jet Power Washer

The Original Power Jet

The Power Jet's clever design uses a controlled flow to build a jet stream right from your garden hose (please note: it does not increase the PSI of the water). It turns any hose into a Power Washer! The power jet is your easy, economical solution for tough outdoor problems. Very easy to use: easily connects to any garden hose in a matter of less than 1 minute.

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About Power USA

In the early 2000’s our founder launched a revolutionary product in the US market called the Water Jet. It has since been rebranded as the Power Jet and can be found on the shelves of Target, Tractor Supply, Walmart, Ace Hardware & Bed Bath & Beyond. Due to the rise in popularity, Bloom USA opened a warehouse in Florida to meet our customer’s needs. Many of our key customers recommended that we find ways to increase our product offering due to our success & our ability to be a flexible partner. The next logical step was for us to launch a line of pressure washers. In 2017, we saw a huge opportunity to improve upon electrical pressure washers by tweaking the technology. We were able to offer higher PSI, improved GPM & longer life spans while remaining competitive at various price points. When the consumer sees the Power brand, they know that we offer high quality at an excellent value.

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